Founded by Mr. David Hsu in 1973, Texmen is a professional supplier of drafting and art materials. Albert Hsu was left behind the wheel of the firm since 2011. He inherited the belief of Mr. David Hsu, insisting that honesty of business and quality of services are the two factors leading us to the ground today.

As a supplier in the art field for more than 40 years, we have built strong relationship with many well-known importers in the world and have worked with our customers in a responsible way to achieve the win-win situation. Texmen’s achievement today comes from not only its long-lasting credibility but also the belief in sustainability. As a result, we always look for continuous business instead of single or two deals.

Texmen has been aware that integration is the solution for better efficiency and lower costs. Investment and operation of subsidiary manufacturer is a fruit of our effort. In this way, we expect to combine design & creativity with the ability of sourcing and manufacturing and to provide with more additional value for our customers. Our resources in manufacturing would add a wing to customers who are positioned as higher end in the market.